Giuliano Family

Andreanna, Dori, Steve & Vince on Gaetano’s first day


Gaetano (Tony) & Frances Giuliano (fondly known as Nanu & Nana) were the founder’s of the locally loved, “Giuliano’s Deli”. Gaetano’s grandson, Steve Giuliano, was born into the food business. From the minute he could walk, you could find Steve running around Giuliano’s Deli in Gardena, sneaking meatballs when no one was looking. As time went on, and Giuliano’s grew, Steve became Director of Operations at the Giuliano’s headquarters in Carson. His wife, Dori, was born into an entrepreneurial Italian family filled with love and togetherness. Her mom, Dotty, would cook wonderful Italian meals for the whole family almost every day. Much of her recipes you can still find on our menu.

Gaetano Giuliano

Gaetano Giuliano

In 1976, Steve was working behind the counter at Giuliano’s in Torrance, when all of a sudden he was “struck by the lightning bolt” as Dori walked in. They met and married two years later. Steve headed the operations at the Giuliano’s Commissary, and Dori assisted with the growing catering business Giuliano’s created. Their knowledge for food and service became a powerful partnership. Steve decided to leave Giuliano’s to start a similar operation with a fast – casual service approach. On December 17, 1993 with the help of his wife, Dori (and many other family members), they opened Gaetano’s Deli. The deli featured fresh baked breads, an authentic wood burning pizza oven, sandwiches, pasta, salads and specialty pastries. Customers would order at the deli counter and food was brought out fast and fresh. Although the deli was a great concept, Dori and Steve decided to transform the deli into a restaurant. Throughout the opening of the deli and soon after the deli became a restaurant, Steve’s diabetes became too much for his body to handle and he passed away. With the help of many wonderful family members, friends and team members, Dori was able to establish the restaurant her and Steve had always dreamed. Steve’s legacy of hard work, quality foods and service with a huge smile, still lives within Gaetano’s today.

Guiliano Family

Andreanna, Dori, Vince

Dori Giuliano   Owner

Dori’s entrance into the restaurant business was a steep road, which challenged her every day to better herself and her family’s future. Her favorite part about the business is the people. She has always adored being around guests, team members, friends and family. In 2010, she started to take a step back from the restaurant and let her kids run the show. “I knew the restaurant was in good hands with my kids at the helm.” Although, she is pretty much fully retired, it’s still common for her to stop by and say hello to everyone.
Vince Guiliano - Gaetano's Restaurant


Vince Giuliano   Chef/Partner

Vince was exposed to the restaurant business at a very early age. Throughout his childhood, he remembers being around all that accompanied the Giuliano’s Delicatessen’s. “When your father, grandfather, great grandfather, great grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins all work at Giuliano’s, it was impossible not to be engulfed in the beauty of people and food.”

Vince was 11 when Gaetano’s opened. His role at the time was to walk around and feed everyone bites of bruschetta, then collect all the dirty plates. Throughout middle and high school, Vince worked as a dishwasher, busser, server and cook. It wasn’t uncommon for Dori (his mom) to make him come help out because a team member couldn’t be there. “I credit the car I received on my 16th birthday to the fact that I would be more available for work. Nonetheless, I always loved the rush of being in the restaurant.”

He went on to the University of San Diego, where he studied in Italy on two separate occasions. He fell in love with the food, wine and culture. “I implement what I learned on my Italian travels almost every day at the restaurant.” He graduated in 2005 with a degree in Business Administration. After college he worked in sales at a medical equipment company. Although he enjoyed it, he knew his true passion was being with Gaetano’s. He came on full time in 2006 and has been running the operations ever since. “It was difficult at first. I was trying to manage a team that knew me as a kid.” Since Vince has come on, Gaetano’s has won numerous awards and has been recognized by KTLA News, Fox News, LA Weekly and more.

In 2010, Vince attended Apicius Culinary Arts School in Florence to learn an outside perspective on Italian cooking. He worked at Il Latini and La Chalet Fontana, taking away traditional techniques and recipes from both restaurants. “It was the best thing I could have done for myself and the restaurant.”

Currently his role is to oversee all aspects of the restaurant. “I love being here. It’s like a party every day and I get to be one of the hosts.”
Andreanna Liguore - Gaetano's Restaurant


Andreanna Liguore   Front House/Partner

Andreanna was born into the food industry. Quite literally…Instead of passing out cigars to celebrate her birth, Giuliano’s passed out torpedo sandwiches with her birth stats printed on them. With an entrance into the world like that, it’s hard not to have a passion for food and end up in the restaurant industry.

Gaetano’s opened its doors when Andreanna was 8 years old. Her first business endeavor included “borrowing” lemonade from the soda guns to sell at her lemonade stand she set up directly in front of Gaetano’s. “My parents (Dori and Steve) wondered why nobody was ordering drinks with their lunch, but hey, I made a killing at $.25 a piece on those babies!” By the time she got a little older, and was tall enough to reach over the counter, she was put to work at the business. She was a wiz at the cash register and helped train new employees on its operations.

She went on to study psychology at San Diego State University and continued working in restaurants while attending school. It wasn’t until her senior year in college that she started working at Moray’s Restaurant and Lounge at The Catamaran Resort. It was there she met her future husband, Sean Liguore.

After Andreanna graduated in 2008, she and Sean moved up to the Bay Area where Sean continued his education and Andreanna worked for Ask.com in the sponsored listings department. Andreanna credits her knack for marketing to her experience with Ask.com. In 2010, she returned to the South Bay and started working for the restaurant, focusing on it’s marketing with an emphasis on interior ascetics and guest relations. Andreanna has been an enormous asset to the business and is a major component in the increase of sales throughout her tenure.
Sean Liguore - Gaetano's Restaurant


Sean Liguore   Front House/Partner

Sean was born in Southern California and moved to Oregon at the age of 10. Eager to return to the California sun and lifestyle, he moved to San Diego after high school. It was there that he got his first taste of the restaurant and bar culture at the Catamaran Hotel Resort. As fate would have it, it was there that he met his wife, Andreanna. During his time in San Diego, Sean worked at numerous bars/restaurants and learn a lot about the industry.

After spending a few years in San Francisco, Sean and Andreanna moved back to Los Angeles to join the Gaetano’s team. “It was impossible not to fall in love with the atmosphere and warmth that the Giuliano family had created at Gaetano’s.” He worked as a bartender and server while assisting with the catering department. After getting married in 2012 to Andreanna, Sean came on full time at Gaetano’s as our full service catering manager. Aside from the catering department, Sean manages the bar, cooks in the kitchen and has learned a great deal of how to run the business. His eagerness to learn, create more business and treat guests with the upmost warmth rubs off on all those that work with him.
Allie Cota - Gaetano's Restaurant


Allie Cota   Front House Operator

Allie was born into a warm and large Mexican family who felt that spending time together was an important value in life. They spent time together by cooking big family meals where grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins all came together to enjoy a great meal.

Her grandmother opened a Mexican restaurant when she was 11. She worked as a busser, dropped off chips and salsa, and helped wash dishes, her least favorite job. “I was upset that my Aunt Pamela, who was only 4 years older than me, was allowed to wait on tables, but I was stuck cleaning dishes.” Years later, her grandmother sold the business, but Allie always knew that someday she would again be a part of the restaurant industry.

At the age of 14, she started working at Chuck E Cheese where she learned more about customer service, handling difficult situations, and the importance of a clean restaurant. She learned many valuable lessons and carried those with her when she started at Gaetano’s.

In 1997, Allie’s aunt heard that Gaetano’s was hiring, she immediately applied and got the job. When she started, Gaetano’s was a deli transitioning into a full service restaurant. She worked part time during the day as a food runner, but quickly became interested in learning more. Dori taught her the aspects of managing and running a restaurant. Allie began working alongside Dori at catering events and quickly became both a server and a manager when she took over the scheduling and payroll. Before long, their work relationship turned into a great friendship.

Over 16 years, she has met a lot of wonderful guests and co-workers. Getting to know people is her favorite part of working at Gaetano’s. “Enjoying the people you work with and work for is the key to a great work environment. I have been blessed to find a place that feels more like home than work.” Allie leads our team member relations department and oversees the floor operations. The average length of tenure our team members have with us, is above average and Allie is a huge reason for this.